Xp ip address not updating

For example, a user wanting to connect multiple Windows XP Professional–based computers in a home network can use the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) feature to allow each computer to automatically assign itself a private IP address.The user does not need to configure an IP address for each computer, nor is a DHCP server needed.The mechanisms for name resolution that Microsoft Windows supports include: When one computer attempts to communicate with another computer using one of these mechanisms for name resolution, the device name must be resolved to an IP address and ultimately to a hardware address.

These are used for networks that do not want to directly connect to the Internet but nevertheless require IP connectivity.

At startup, each DHCP client requests configuration data from the server, allowing autoconfiguration of the IP address, subnet masking, and other options.

The IP address is assigned to each client for an amount of time determined by the server, called a lease, which can be renewed periodically.

In addition, there is a fourth technique that can add some flexibility to your decision-making process.

Each of the three addressing schemes available in Windows XP Professional is designed to meet different connectivity needs.

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