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If you ask prisoners to identify who the ‘lowest of the low’ are in prison, the top answers are likely to be, in the following order: “grasses, nonces and screws”.Translated into everyday English that means “informers, sex offenders and prison officers”.

Back in 2006, the leaking of an embarrassing official Prison Service report revealed that at least 1,000 prison officers of out the 45,000 then employed by HMPS were suspected of being involved in differing types of corruption, mainly smuggling mobile phones and drugs into prisons, while a further 500 were believed to be involved in ‘inappropriate relationships’ with cons or members of prisoners’ families.Grasses – prison informers – are a wholly different type of problem.Every wing in the prison system has them and that is why they are so hated and feared.Held on Vulnerable Prisoner Units (VPUs) or a separate wing sex offenders rarely, if ever, have any contact with cons who are on ordinary location – ‘the mains’ as it is sometimes called.They tend to be despised and hated in the abstract.

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