The formview fired event itemupdating

After we call Data Bind method Item Data Bound event is fired.

This code is the second part of "if statements" in the Item Data Bound event handler.

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The Base Data Bound Control acts as the base class for the Data Bound Control class and the Hierarchical Data Bound Control class. Inserting Event Handler and I can even cheat and check other properties of the Object in the Object Data Source. So, How do I Prevent a Form View from clearing after it's Insert Method has fired? NET VB) I don't think posting my code here will really do much good and i would have to modify it to trim out confidential business logic stuff... edit: I have found a temporary and admittedly terribly cludgy solution (in case no one ever finds a REAL solution to the problem). and I even learned that Form View's Inserting Handler Runs AFTER the Object Disposing Handler so If there is a problem found I still have time to react to it and st the e. My problem is, it seems that the values entered by the user into the Insert form are cleared regardless.The Update button has the Command Name attribute set to "Update". Now that we are in "edit mode" we are looking for Text Box controls from the Edit Item property.Using values from Text Box controls we are updating data to the database and closing Edit Item Template.

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