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Go out and buy yourself a new outfit that you like and feel good in.Don't go shopping with the mindset of what others want to see you in, but what appeals to you and makes you feel most comfortable when going to a restaurant or movie.Meet your date in a public place, and get to know him gradually before bringing the person home to meet the family. There are many solid, decent mates out there who prefer mature folks with more experience in life. As long as the person you enjoy is single and has qualities you admire, you're off to a great start.After going through a divorce, you know what you don't want in a mate. By taking time to get to know potential mates, and allowing yourself to become comfortable with someone who stands out among them, you will lose those initial dating jitters.Let it go and make the best of who you are right now, not what you want to be later.

We may be a little older - but inside we are still living and breathing men and women, who have needs and desires.

The first thing to do is to prepare yourself mentally for expanding your social life and taking new risks on letting new people into your life.

If you have single friends, turn to them for a pep-talk or dating pointers.

Women, please make sure you can walk in heels, if you plan on wearing them.

You don't want your date to see you trip or take a tumble because you aren't used to wearing heels over two inches high. If the person is into dating really young people, then he or she isn't the right person for you anyway.

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