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If you cheat on your husband, you're not a good wife.well confused woman i've been screwing a certain dogs' wife long before she married a certain dog, and lately i've once again rekindled the affair again with her, all i can say is not worry about it, i have a son who i've never even met yet who grew up to marry the kutti woman who i've begin screwing again, so don't worry. You believe that sleeping around before marriage goes against your beliefs. I did feel sorry for you for a few seconds because I thought it may have been love, which messes up peoples heads.We must have these details to check out the post or thread.We are under absolutely no obligation to delete any post but if there is an exceptional potential of personal loss and it can be proven we will try deleting it.My advice to you is be happy with what you have, and stop focusing on your sex life.

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But then you didn't tell your husband about the Kala.

Not to judge or anything but that makes you a coward.

Then you say he don't satify you and you had an affair with a Muslim at work? Infact, someone should set you on fire first then drown you. I had sex relationship with a kala for over 2 years before I got married to a sikh guy arranged marriage in london. but I feel he is not as good at intimate level as compared to the kala. I love my husband so much but don't want to do anything stupid.

I ain't got anything against muslims, but that makes you a hoe. If technically you got married in a G-wara then you took a vow before the GGS to be faithfull and the rest of it, and you broke your vow to God and your other half. You are a complete disgrace to man kind let alone any religion. I constantly have urges to have sex with another man who can make me feel the best. There is a muslim guy who I work with who I had a brief affair with last year, it lasted around 3 months, but it was only because I was desparate to be fullfilled. ALL these pages are now moved to the new forum which you may find at Forum .

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