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@Mahmoud Moravej: First off, don't mix up the ideas of clustering indexes and primary keys. You can have very highly performant inserts on tables with clustered indicies on IDENTITY columns.If you run into issues with index maintenance, you should partition the table properly.Some have commented that they do not have the ability to fix the underlying data model because they're mapping to a third-party application.

Also If your PK is IDENTITY so returning the generated value to the EF is another issue. generation time and indexing/sorting is another issue! SO IN some critical OLTP senarios(like Logging) having no PK is a point and having it has not any positive point!

Changing the code to satisfy EF is a workaround in itself. The keywords table can have a parent topic id and a corresponding keyword.

Not all tables need a primary key nor they should be forced to. TO say that I need to remodel my DB becasue EF forces me to is lame.

Sometimes we have to live with less-than-ideal situations we did not create and cannot change.

And, as @Colin said, there IS a way to do exactly what the OP was asking.

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