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We reelected Phil Bredesen, the son of a Tennessee dirt farmer who became a Pentecostal preacher.

From the moment we first gaze upon our precious newborns, an undeniable parental instinct takes over: Protect this child at all costs.Not only did I look forward to all the delicious food, I would anxiously wait for the Sunday newspaper which would have all the holiday store ... Therefore, I have a tendency to slough off any concern that may...There are few universal truths in mom life: it's never what you thought it would be like, no one sleeps, and it's gross.As society and schools are encouraging kids to get into science, math, and technology, different child-related industries are look... Low libido is common in new parents, especially new mothers and especial...When I was a kid, Thanksgiving weekend was super special. It's one of those facts of my life that I hate, but have learned to accept.

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