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I think lots of menus were crafted from ego and not from feedback from the guest.It’s Opening Day for Major League Baseball, but the NFL grabbed a headline of its own today.The organization suggested going to a tattoo parlor that is as clean as a dentist’s office.The artist should be using disposable gloves, new, sterile needles and fresh, unused ink.Other advice includes making sure the tattoo shop is regulated by the state, and your immunizations are up to date.

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burger, it’s maybe less surprising that he’s closing his lauded Melrose Avenue restaurant Ink than that he’s kept it open this long.LOS ANGELES ( — Jazmin Tineo had something she wanted to get off her chest – a tattoo that read: “Ne Te quaesiveris extra.” It is Latin for “do not seek outside yourself.” “I got it when I was 18.I remember hearing it during one of my lecture classes,” Tineo recalled. I need this tattoo right away.” Eight years later, need turned into regret, prompting her to see a dermatologist to have her inspirational tattoo removed.His new flagship restaurant, to be called Ink.well, will open about half a mile away, on La Cienega Boulevard, in the space that was previously the restaurant Hutchinson, and before that the Spanish Kitchen (and yes, Voltaggio is keeping the old neon sign).“I’m shooting for two to three weeks,” said Voltaggio Wednesday on the time frame for “I’ve had the space for 10 days.” The chef is designing the new restaurant himself, which will combine elements from Ink with a new bar program — hence the name.

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