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The Centre is being urged to change its name soon 'to keep more in line with everyone and not offend anyone,' the manager said.They see a beard and a backpack as a sign of a terrorist because of the media.' He added: 'I don't blame non-Muslims because it's what's they learn from the media, but I do blame them for not researching it themselves.'Dad-of-four Sayed Hussain, 43, a mobile phone salesman, said: 'If I leave my community it is because I want more knowledge but there are people that don't know what is going on in the rest of the population.' Mohammad Shabrase, a Muslim who has lived in the Manningham area of Bradford, West Yorks, all his life, and has four children, said he did not see any problems with integration but said there are some people who only experience their own community.Nothing in this world is sexier than ethnic diversity, so she had me at “hello.” With her irresistible blend of Japanese-Korean-SE Asian heritage, alluring 23 year-old Shizuku personifies today's modern Japan as it slowly-but-surely blooms with ethnic diversity.Nothing in this world is sexier than ethnic diversity, so she had me at “hello.”If that weren’t enough, I was instantly drawn into her coy demeanor and warm-hearted character.Litter strewn everywhere: Cigarette packets, drink cans, waste paper, food remnants and even old shoes are strewn across the main road, side streets and pavements in the Page Hall area of Sheffield, residents complained to Mail Online Suhail, who has an office in the heart of Sheffield's Page Hall, said: 'We have so many different nationalities here and it causes a divide.But the ghetto situation is getting a bit better and there's not as many people hanging around because of stricter requirements for benefits.' He told how huge queues outside a nearby cash machine snaked the street in benefits pay day.

Madame introduces herself as a former student who has received a government scholarship to study abroad.

Then the local William Hill bookies - one of the few true Brit brands in the neighbourhood - would be swamped with punters.

Slovakian teenager David Ziga moved to the area eight years ago 'to get a better life.' He works as a factory food packer and hits back at critics who say his countryfolk are scroungers. I love it here and prefer my time chilling out.' A source told the report that certain Muslims, because they are in these communities and go to Muslim schools, think Britain is a Muslim country.

There's nothing wrong with immigration as long as it's controlled.

The problem is it's not.' Social problems: Imran, who works for City Taxis, said the neighbourhood was awash with littered streets and house prices have tumbled.

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