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A member of the crew, returning to his hotel room in Indonesia after a long day of filming, found a Komodo dragon in his bathroom.15. While filming wild buffalo during the grasslands episode, a specialist carried a warning gun in case the camera team were charged at.17.A cow decided to charge at a cameraman's groin while he was trying to film monkeys in India.Attenborough recorded the voiceover for Planet Earth II in only two hours per episode. To do the voiceover, Attenborough would record the script while watching episodes on a VHS tape, which was rewound any time he made a mistake.7.Zimmer did not want the music to get in the way of Attenborough's voice, so considered him to be the "lead instrument" and ensured that the music worked around his narration. Sigur Rós remixed their famous song "Hoppipolla" for the new series, after it was also used for the original Planet Earth. The startling sight of the iguanas being chased by a mass of snakes had never been captured on camera before.Around 150,000 antelope were killed by disease while Planet Earth II crew were filming them in May 2015. Planet Earth II was the most watched nature documentary broadcast on the BBC in 15 years.37.

To capture the rare sight of dolphins in the middle of a rainforest, some crew had to wait for a week before they could spot anything.

To rig this up, the production team threw cables tied to satsumas from roof to roof.25.

The BBC worked with the United Nations to find the swarms of flying locusts in Madagascar.

With the terrain making it near impossible to film snow leopards, the team set up 20 camera traps in various mountains, with sensors to trigger recording.22.

Some members of the production team pretended to be leopards to test whether the cameras were working first.23.

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