Amanda bynes dating black guy

On April 9, he posted a video where he was dressed as a fireman with his hose dangling out.New York cops didn't think his hose was as funny as he did -- so he was told to put it away.Last week we got a tip that Amanda Bynes has it bad for a certain Grammy nominee that we guessed was Drake, but are now learning is likely to be Kid Cudi. These two have owned up to their “friendship” before, and with lil Mandy still tweeting away about her cuttybuddy, it’s looking more and more like Cudi’s about to get caught creepin’ by his girlfriend Jamie Baratta…Here’s Mandy’s tweets denying Drake choppin’ it down: MAN-die is quite the twit isn’t she?We’re hoping this one’s not true — if only because Baratta is way “hotta” than But-Her-Face Bynes. Am I the only one who didn't hear about this from last month?Amanda has since deleted the tweets but luckily bloggers have preserved them in screen grabs: Amanda's chocolate man is rumored to be rapper Kid Cudi.She tweeted her irritation when he lost at the Grammys and has been tweeting about love and marriage ever since--up until Thursday when things took a turn for the melancholy. When ur in love, all the pieces fit but when ur heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together," she continued.

The troubled star recently tweeted-and-deleted yet another questionable statement — this time, about a different “ugly black guy.” She must have felt bad about singling out Drake. She supposedly had a thing for Lil Wayne, but I don't know if its true. BQ: Why people say that Jewish girls (like Amanda Bynes) love black guys? But wow, I didn't know she had a fling with Kid Cudi. Amanda Bynes always seemed like she had a cute, positive energy that didn’t feel contrived, which is pretty important in a young actress.I say this, of course, based on trailers for the crappy movies she was in that I never bothered to see, but still.

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