Adult sex dating in mindanao

Sad to say but even worse than the two examples that you cited is this one exposed last month involving murder and paedophilia in northern Mindanao: Thankfully the Philippines police, often with overseas assistance, are onto cases like this.

If and when convicted this lowlife can look to a shortened life in a Philippines penitentiary, but better than the lives he scarred or erased. PS: I tried to use the word [Code Word902] but the ISG program does not like it.

I went looking for this Piece of Shit in Davao City where he lived.

I was still on friendly terms then with the Kid, my nephew in NYPD.

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A group of ex-pats were seated outside when I was there.

I went out and inquired if any of them knew this guy.

I told her I had never me the guy and that from what I was told, he was in some Service Organization and had a wife and two children. No, he did not beat her or bash her head in that night.

What he did was pin he to the bed with his arms and force her to be sodomized as she screamed out.

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