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The season is still very young, but those teams sitting at 0-3 are running out of time to make a bid for the playoffs.

On the flip side, five teams are still undefeated and appear poised to reach the playoffs, as 75 percent of 3-0 teams do.

At least Melvin Gordon looks like the player he was in college, though the defense needs to play better.

Stafford can only do so much by himself, which won’t be enough to get Detroit anywhere.

Blake Bortles has regressed from last season and Allen Robinson has just 183 yards in three games. have played as expected and lifted the defense to another level. Blaine Gabbert is hanging on to the starting quarterback job by a thread, and that thread might be cut in the coming weeks.

Colin Kaepernick isn’t fully healthy, but it will likely be his team when he is 100 percent.

So far Mike Mularkey’s Exotic Smashmouth offense hasn’t worked as planned with the Titans sitting at 1-2.

Sure, they’re toward the top in rushing yards per game, but that hasn’t gotten them very far. Philip Rivers hasn’t missed much of a beat without Keenan Allen or Danny Woodhead, but it’s undeniable the offense is less explosive without them.

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